KUWAIT, Dec 28 (KUNA) -- Yemen witnessed many events in 2023 that touched on many fields. Following are major events throughout the year: Jan 4: Yemeni government, Islamic Development Bank Group and the Saudi Program for the Development and Reconstruction of Yemen signed a tripartite cooperation agreement to launch an economic empowerment program valued USD two million.
April 14: Yemeni government exchanged prisoners and detainees with Houthis.
April 23: Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs transfered hundreds Yemenis from Khartoum.
May 23: Eight Yemeni soldiers were injured in an explosive device explosion that targeted a military group in Bayhan district of Shabwah governorate.
May 30: Yemeni Foreign Minister started an operation to rescue the floating oil tanker in the Red Sea.
July 22: The police of the Yemeni Marib Governorate announced the thwarting of a Houthi terrorist operation to assassinate a member of the Presidential Command Council.
July 22: The Yemeni police announced that they have arrested the perpetrators of the assassination of a UN employee working on World Food Programme.
Aug 12: The Yemeni government signed MoU with the UN Development Program to reduce the cost of marine insurance on ships arriving at ports liberated from Houthi militias control.
Aug 15: Unidentified gunmen assassinated a Yemeni security officer in connection with the ongoing investigation into the killing of a UN employee weeks ago.
Aug 21: The Yemeni government approved a draft agreement to establish a joint Yemeni-Emirati telecommunications company to provide mobile phone and Internet service in Yemen.
Aug 27: A fire broke out in a camp for displaced people south of the Yemeni city of Marib, causing destruction, without recording human casualties.
Aug 27: The Yemeni government announced the killing of five civilians and the wounding of 12 others in the Houthi militia bombing.
Aug 30: The Yemeni government confirmed that the Houthi militia bombed with four missiles a number of camps for the displaced in Marib, coinciding with the visit of the UN envoy Hans Grundberg to the governorate.
Sept 24: Four Yemeni soldiers killed in explosion targeting an ambulance in eastern Yemen.
Oct 24: The Yemeni authorities recorded two deaths, 150 injured, and the displacement of about 10,000 as a result of Cyclone Tej that struck the center of the governorate.
Nov 12: Yemeni Coast Guard announced rescuing 26 African migrants after their boat sank in the Red Sea off the coast, while 49 migrants were missing.
Nov 20: Houthis hijacked a ship operated by Japanese Nippon Yusen Company sailing in international waters in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen.
Dec 23: UN's envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, announced that the Yemeni parties reached an agreement including a ceasefire throughout Yemen. (end) kt.ahm