RAMALLAH, Dec 3 (KUNA) -- Scores of Palestinians on Sunday perished in intensive Israeli occupation's bombardment that turned an unaccounted number of residential units and buildings into heaps of rubble in the war-battered Gaza Strip.
The official Palestinian news agency, WAFA, said the attacks with artillery, tanks, warplanes and gunboats targeted Al-Daraj district in Gaza City, Dair Al-Balah town and Jibalya camp in the north of the enclave.
It also reported air raids and artillery attacks on Khan Yunis town in the south where scores of people died or suffered injuries. Meanwhile, houses of two families in eastern Gaza were attacked and a number of the two families' members had fallen as martyrs. Moreover, an unknown number of people remained trapped under the wreckage.
The civil defense in Gaza declared that a number of martyrs and injured Gazans were retrieved from under heaps of remains of devastated buildings in western Gaza.
Israel has resumed its fierce aggression on Gaza following a pause of few days during which a number of prisoners from the two sides were set free and some aid supplies were allowed into the strip.
More than 15,000 Palestinians have joined martyrs' ranks since October 7. The casualty toll includes 6,150 martyred children, more than 4,000 demised women and 37,000 injured Gazans of various ages.
Thousands of Palestinians had been trapped under the wreckage of the devastated buildings -- majority of whom were believed to have lost their lives.
Palestinian rescue authorities in the strip lack sufficient equipment to remove rubble and rescue stranded civilians quickly. (end) nq.rk