GAZA, Nov 19 (KUNA) -- Over 12,300 Palestinians were killed and above 30,000 injured since the onset of the Israeli occupation brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip, said a media official on Sunday.
Spokesman for the media office in Gaza Ismail Al-Thawabteh said that the deaths included around 5,000 children and 3,300 women.
Some 200 medical staff, 22 civil defense members were also amongst the dead, said Al-Thawabteh, adding that 75 percent of the 30,000 injured in the attack were women and children.
Destruction was also extended to properties with 43,000 housing units wiped out in addition to 225,000 units partially destroyed, he said, noting that this represented around 60 percent of dwellings in the Gaza Strip.
Masjids and churches were not spread from the mayhem, he noted, saying that 77 Masjids were razed, 165 partially destroyed, while three churches were also targeted.
Al-Thawabteh said that the Israeli aggressors put 25 hospitals and 52 clinics out of service, adding that 55 ambulances were also targeted since the attack on Gaza.
The Israeli occupation is continuing it merciless campaign against the Gaza Strip, leaving no living being or structure out of their vicious grip. (end) wab.gta