KUWAIT, June 6 (KUNA) -- Polling stations closed for the National Assembly elections (2023), the 17th legislative term at eight o'clock in the evening local time on Tuesday.
The vote-counting process is to begin shortly and will be later followed by announcing the official results and naming the winners for the next four years. Voters continued throughout the day, precisely for 12 consecutive hours, starting at eight in the morning, in five electoral constituencies, and voters used the one-vote system to select 50 members of the National Assembly from among 305 male and female candidates.
There are 99,779 voters in the first constituency with 34 candidates competing.
The second constituency has 46 candidates in the race to win the votes of 90,394 people.
There are 34 hopefuls in the third constituency, which has 137,978 voters.
Forty-eight candidates are competing for the votes of 208,740 people in the fourth constituency.
The fifth constituency includes 47 rivals and 256,755 eligible voters. (pick up previous) aa