News report by Hamad Al-Shemmeri KUWAIT, May 29 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti athletes pin their hopes on the forthcoming National Assembly (parliament) to revamp the country's sports situation, urging hopefuls to seek in earnest to wipe out obstacles haunting them.
Speaking to KUNA, Jassem Al-Huweidi, a retired Kuwaiti sportsperson, called on future members of parliament to attach more attention to all sports problems and work hard to resolve them.
Given that young athletes make up 65 percent of the country's youth, the next legislature should seek to enact pieces of legislation that aim to serve Kuwait's sports field and to contribute to fulfilling athletes' expectations and ambitions so that they could achieve sports accomplishments for the nation, he requested.
Echoing Al-Huweidi's views, Mohammad Karam, a former player of the Kuwaiti national soccer team, urged the election winners to do their best to support and develop Kuwaiti sports.
However, speaking to KUNA, he called on voters to choose the candidates who are believed to work to serve national, rather than individual or personal, interests.
For his part, Rashed Bdeeh, a former national team footballer, suggested that the coming parliament would allocate parts of its sessions for particularly discussing sports affairs and serving sports and athletes.
The next deputies should seek to pass laws that could better serve the sports clubs and facilities in the country, emphasizing that youth in general and young sportspersons in particular deserve much more care. (end)