KUWAIT, May 26 (KUNA) -- Opinion polls are an integral part of democracies all over the world, affirmed two Kuwaiti experts, clarifying that polls play a vital role in analyzing variables and painting a primary picture for election results.
Pollster Salah Al-Jassem spoke of the history of public opinion polls in Kuwait saying that they have been in use in parliamentary and municipal elections since the nineties.
As for the tightly-knit relation between polls and elections, Al-Jassem explained that it stems from the sheer importance of elections in determining the future of the nation, adding that Kuwaiti people are not only interested in forecasting results but are also keen on participating in such surveys and expressing their opinions freely.
When it comes to the role of polls in aiding candidates Al-Jassem, head of a polling institute, affirmed the importance that such institutions remain independent to ensure integrity and reliability.
Al-Jassem's institute conducts periodic surveys to analyze public opinion, and examine whether parliamentary positions are popular, as per request of national assembly members.
Chief of Gyas group for political and strategic consultations, Nassar Al-Khaldi, stated that phone polls are preferable to online polls as internet surveys lack the basic standards, threatening objectivity of results.
Al-Khaldi mentioned that surrounding environment, pressure factors, and outer influences all play a role in defining opinions of voters; therefore, the timing of polls significantly influences outcomes.
He clarified that experts strongly recommend phrasing highly intricate questions, determining the sample, describing it and clarifying modes of selection as well as specifying the time and place of the surveys.
These guidelines, expounded Al-Khaldi, could allow polls to provide a more comprehensive picture contributing to the integrity and transparency of the democratic process. (end) mf.ahm.aai