ALGIERS, May 25 (KUNA) -- Flash floods caused by torrential rain have inflicted heavy damage particularly in the center and east of the country and corpse of a child was located in Qalma in the east, the ministry of interior reported on Thursday.
Raging waters have swamped residential areas, blocked roads and prompted authorities to close schools.
Brahim Merad, the interior minister, said in a statement most affected regions were the capital, Tipaza in the west, Tabza, Kalmah and Souq Ahras in the east.
Authorities have evacuated a number of people from the swamped regions.
Meanwhile, the civil defense department said its teams rescued people stranded amid the high levels of water particularly in low lands and towed submerged vehicles and cars.
Algeria spends approximately 225 million dollars per year to repair damage caused by floods. (end) mr.rk