(Photo feature) JEDDAH, May 19 (KUNA) -- The Media Oasis is a media center to help cover Jeddahآ’s 32nd Arab Summit and show a bright image of main future economic, tourist, and environmental projects in Saudi Arabia.
The Media Oasis provides architectural and geometric presentations of the Kingdom's major innovative cities, allowing media professionals from different countries to learn about the features and potential of these projects.
Architectural and geometric close-up and deeper understanding of the idea of designs directly, and seeing the foundations of modern urbanism; offering an advanced and different concept from the common one in the rest of the world.
The oasis hosts more than 400 media personnel from different international and Arab media outlets as well as the summitآ’s guests.
The 32nd Arab Summit will kick off later today in Saudi Arabiaآ’s Jeddah, amid delicate circumstances in which the Arab nation is trying to promote cohesion, reunion, and coordination. (end) kda.aa