Photo feature by Miyoko Ishigami

TOKYO, May 8 (KUNA) -- Having prospered as the gateway to the Kyushu region in southern Japan, Kitakyushu City boasts magnificent night view spots scattered throughout the city.
In 2022, the city was selected as the top of Japan's "New Three Japanese Cities with the Most Spectacular Night Views" ranking for its twinkling night views, while Sapporo came second and Nagasaki third.
According to the Yakei (night view) Convention & Visitors Bureau, the ranking is based on voting by some 6,100 night view tourism experts nationwide. Kitakyushu City also made it into the top three of the previous 2018 best night view list.
One of the city's popular night view scenes is the Wakato Bridge, a 627-meter-long suspension bridge across Dokai Bay. At night, the bridge glows in a bright red color, and the light reflecting off the bridge surface spreads out into the sea, creating a breathtaking fantastic sight. The Wakato Bridge is designated as Japan's national important cultural property.
Moreover, the industrial night view of the city attracts many visitors. Home to one of Japan's biggest factory zones, the factories in Kitakyushu City light up at night and create a dazzling scene. The view, which is unique to an industrial city, can be also enjoyed on a sightseeing cruise. (end)