MADRID, Jan 25 (KUNA) -- National police in Spain arrested the suspect sender of six bomb messages to several places including the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid during last November and December, the Spanish Television said Wednesday.
The TV quoted sources in the police as saying that the suspect is a 74-year-old Spanish man, a resident of Burgos province northern the country, noting that the operation was carried out in coordination with the National Court.
Investigations indicate that the former employee in the municipality of the northern Basque city of Bitoria acted alone and is not associated with any group, indicating that investigations are still underway to find out his motives, the source explained.
On November 24, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez received a bomb letter, while the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid received a similar letter on the 30th of the same month, which exploded in the hands of an employee at the embassy causing him minor injuries.
The other letters were received by the arms company Zaragoza Enstalaza in the city of Zaragoza, the director of the satellite center at the Torrejon military base, the Minister of Defense Margarita Robles, and the US embassy in Madrid on the first of last December.
In the same context, the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid received a "bloody parcel" on the second of last December, similar to the parcels received by Ukrainian embassies in other countries. As a result, the Ukrainian ambassador and the embassy staff were evacuated from the embassy building, while the security forces cordoned off the perimeter of the embassy building and intensified security monitoring around it.
Four days later, police found three "bloody parcels" containing animal eyes, targeting the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid and the consulates in Barcelona and Malaga, before they arrived at the three destinations.
Iivestigations are still underway to determine identity of those responsible for sending the "bloody parcels". (end) hnd.nhq