WASHINGTON, Dec 5 (KUNA) -- US Trade Representative (USTR) Katherine Tai and European Commission Executive Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis have affirmed the US-EU Understanding on a Cooperative Framework for Large Civil Aircraft reached in June 2021.
This came during a meeting between both sides Sunday night ahead of the first Ministerial Meeting of the Working Group on large civil aircraft.
They also agreed "to continue the Working Groupآ’s efforts to confront the challenges posed by Chinaآ’s non-market economic policies," the Office of the USTR said in a statement.
They highlighted "the importance of the understanding to suspend the tariffs related to the large civil aircraft disputes and the two sidesآ’ commitment to address challenges from Chinaآ’s non-market policies and practices." They also exchanged views on "the long-term risks to their market-oriented sectors from Chinaآ’s state-directed industrial dominance goals." Tai said in this regard that the Biden Administration has worked diligently to forge a new, cooperative and strategic relationship with the European Union and more effectively address Chinaآ’s non-market policies and practices." "We have made concrete progress toward that goal through this Working Group and I am excited to continue deepening our cooperation to defend the interests of our aerospace workers and companies," she added.
The US and the EU announced in June 2021 a cooperative framework to address the large civil aircraft disputes. The agreement moved away from years of disputes "in pursuit of a more cooperative future by suspending the tariffs related to their respective WTO disputes for five years." (end) si.mt