KUWAIT, Nov 29 (KUNA) -- National Assembly Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun inaugurated on Tuesday a scheduled regular session with a host of issues on the MPs' table namely a planned interpellation of the minister of public works.
MP Hamdan Al-Azmi has requested that Minister of Public Works, Minister of Electricity and Water Dr. Amani Bugammaz ascend to the podium for inquiries about her purported engagement in conflict of interests, wasting public funds, giving false information for parliament members and sabotaging cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities.
Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun received the request last Monday and informed the Prime Minister about interpellation. The minister can ask for postponing the grilling for two weeks.
The lawmakers will be discussing requests to form committees for probing distribution of industrial lots, food insecurity and obstacles facing local agricultural products and retirees' pensions.
They will also address a request to form a committee to investigate contracts to purchase Eurofighter Typhoon and Caracal warplanes.
The parliamentarians are expected to discuss budgets, in addition to replacing the word maid with domestic worker as well as enrollment in the military.
The house will also consider a request to the Constitutional Court to clarify Articles 87, 90, 104 and 106 of the Constitution. (end) ns.bs.rk