CAIRO, Nov 24 (KUNA) -- Members of the Arab Parliament expressed rejection of the offensive European statements and interferences in the internal affairs of the State of Kuwait.
This came in a statement by Dr. Mohamad Al-Howeilah, a Kuwaiti MP and member of the political, foreign affairs and national security committee of the Arab Parliament at the end of the committee meeting on Thursday.
"There is a statement by the committee that fully supports the measures taken by the Kuwaiti government to address these interferences and to respect the independence of the Kuwaiti judiciary," Dr. Al-Howeilah told KUNA.
He was responding to a question about the support of the Arab Parliament for Kuwait's positions in the field of human rights and the response to the statements made by the Vice President of the European Commission about his interference in its internal affairs.
He added that the statement of the committee would certainly receive the approval and support of MPs of the Arab Parliament in their plenary session next Saturday, which confirms the correct position of the Kuwaiti judiciary and the necessity of respecting its independence, impartiality, and non-interference in the internal affairs of the State of Kuwait.
MP Al-Howaila affirmed the support of the Arab Parliament and Arab parliamentary diplomacy for the honorable stances of the State of Kuwait in the field of human rights.
He pointed out that the European Union has agreements exemption from the Schengen visa with 36 countries in the world, 24 of which apply death sentences.
He expressed his "surprise" at these anti-Kuwait statements, stressing his "pride" in Kuwait's honorable human rights record, as well as its good relations with everyone.
In this context, he stressed the role of the Arab Parliament, which complements the national parliaments in light of the existence of broad coordination in this field, praising the "serious stance" of the Arab Parliament today. (end) ms.rg.nhq