TEHRAN, Sept 28 (KUNA) -- Iran's Revolutionary Guard said on Wednesday it attacked the headquarters of "terrorist" groups in Iraq's Kurdistan region with 73 surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and dozens of drones.
The targets that were bombed "certainly belong to terrorist groups hostile to Iran and spread in 42 places in the region," Commander of the Revolutionary Guard ground forces Brig Gen Mohammad Pakpour was quoted by Iranian news agency (IRNA) as saying.
Gen Pakpour underlined that the aerial raids will continue until these groups are "completely disarmed" as he urged Kurdistan authorities to expel all "terrorist and separatist" groups present in the region.
The Revolutionary Guard have been raiding targets it describes as "terrorist" in the northern Iraqi region since last Saturday, saying these groups look to destabilize security inside Iranian territory. (end) mw.sd