Report by Mustafa Al-Marini

RABAT, Sept 15 (KUNA) -- Morocco is seeking various means to increase its renewable energy resources, launching projects harnessing solar, wind, and hydropower energies to produce clean power.
Leila Benali, Morocco's energy minister, recently told reporters that her country was heading forward to increase its renewable energy resources, a quest, which began some 13 years ago.
She revealed that around USD six billion was set to achieve this very goal, noting that some milestones were met, turning the Kingdom of Morocco once facing an energy deficit to a country with a renewed energy capacity of 37 percent in 2021 according to official data.
The goal was to reach 52 percent by 2030, she revealed with 20 percent from solar energy, 20 percent wind, and 12 percent hydro-powered.
In Morocco, there are over 111 renewable energy projects in operation or under development with an accumulated 3,950 megawatts output.
Renewable energy represented 20 percent of the country's electricity production according to data by the Morocco energy ministry.
In 2016, the Noor Ouarzazate Solar Power Station, one of the world largest renewable projects, was inaugurated at an area of 1.4 million square meters.
The power station's main goal is to less Morocco's dependency on fossil fuel via producing carbon emission-free energy an equaling of 2.5 million tons of oil imports.
Morocco is also seeking to export its surplus of energy production to the European market to share the goal of decreasing carbon emissions by half in 2030 and achieve a total shift to clean energy production by 2050.
In this regard, the UK and Morocco are preparing to lay a 3,800-kilometers power cable at a cost of USD 21 billion to transfer clean energy from Morocco to the United Kingdom with an expected launch of 2025 and fully operational by 2029.
The European Union, on its part, had extended its hand to Morocco, providing with financial support for renewable energy projects in Morocco to develop the kingdom's projects and benefit from clean energy outputs.
Germany is leading the Union's efforts within this regard, financing projects in Morocco and helping in exporting energy surplus from the Kingdom through Spain and on to the rest of Europe. (end) mrn.gta