CAIRO, Sept 13 (KUNA) -- The Head of the Women's Institute for Development and Peace in Kuwait Kawther Al-Jouan underlined on Saturday the importance of the role of conscious youths in promoting the culture of society and developing real awareness to avoid the false awareness broadcasted by social networking sites.
This was mentioned in the first forum on "Arab youth talk to build awareness" under the slogan, "Generations that support the nation's issues," organized by the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development in line with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports.
The youth are targeted by social crises attempting to distort their values by spreading concepts that reject morals, putting it in formal frameworks trying to be implemented by countries and regard it as a personal freedom for the individual, while promoting it among the youth by printing its slogans on sports clothes and others, she stressed.
She urged to focus on developing youth thought, advancing the culture of society, paying attention to young people, cultural diversity, and developing true awareness among young people to avoid the false awareness broadcasted by social networking sites.
She underscored the need to raise knowledge for young people, pay attention to the health of the youth, as well as provide them with the opportunity to engage in beneficial activities for society, such as volunteering and keeping pace with the movement of society.
She also drew attention to how vital the youth are as an economic force with their smart minds and awareness. (end)