KUWAIT, Aug 10 (KUNA) --

1932 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Saban sent a letter to the British political agent in the State of Kuwait approving Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Saeed's letter regarding borders between the two countries.
1960 -- Kuwait Insurance Company was established with a capital of five million Rupees.
1960 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah signed a decree to establish the National Industries Company with a capital of 20 million Rupees.
1966 -- State of Kuwait ratified the Arab Administrative Development Organization's (ARADO) agreement, which was approved by the Arab League on April 1, 1961.
1990 -- An extraordinary summit of the Arab League condemned the Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait, and decided not to recognize Iraq's annexation of the State nor any development resulting from the invasion and occupation. The Arab League told Iraq to immediately withdraw forces from Kuwait.
1990 -- The Kuwaiti resistance put out a leaflet dubbed Al-Murabtoun (sentries) calling on the people of the country to be patient and resist the Iraqi invaders.
1992 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah signed a decree to establish the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS).
2001 -- A tremendous amount of fish, mostly mead species, died in Ashairej area.
2002 -- Fawzi Dahash clinched the 14th Asian Games 400 meters sprint gold medal in Sri Lanka.
2005 -- Abdulaziz Jaafar, a prominent Kuwaiti media figure and considered one of the founders of media in Kuwait and Arab region, passed away at the age of 77. The late Jaafar was one of founders of Arab and Islamic radio unions, and was Information Undersecretary and vice-chairman of Board of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA).
2016 -- Kuwaiti shooter Fuhaid Al-Daihani won a gold medal in the double trap championship in Brazil Olympic Games.
2012 -- Ahmad Zaid Al-Sarhan, former parliament speaker, passed away at age 92. (end) bs