ADEN, Aug 8 (KUNA) -- The Yemeni Ministry of Defense announced the killing of five army soldiers and the wounding of 27 others as a result of 501 Houthi militia violations of the UN-mediated truce.
In a press statement, the ministry said the Houthi breaches of the truce were recorded in eight Yemeni governorates during the period 3-7 August.
It added that the Houthi militia had targeted the army and resistance positions on all fronts with Katyusha rockets, artillery, various calibers, snipers and booby-trapped drones during the corresponding period.
The United Nations Special Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg stated last Tuesday that the Yemeni parties agreed to extend the truce on the same terms agreed upon for an additional two months, ending on the second of next October. (end) sns.ibi