KUWAIT, July 5 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Environment Public Authority signed an agreement with Iran's Department of Environment, to cooperate on combating weather issue conditions affecting the region.
As mentioned by the General Director of the Environment of Public Authority, Sheikh Abdullah Ahmad A-Sabah, the cooperation agreement is directed at figuring out the source of the foci, which is the source of the sand and dust storms in the region.
The Sheikh explained his statement that these storms actually originate far out of the area, and are negatively affecting the people in the region, especially their effects on the people, so establishing more green lands as we work amongst specialists to reach an outcome.
There will be environmental projects as well as excessive studies on how and where we can be more effective toward this primitive matter, noting these projects all aim to reduce such storms from thrashing the region.
Ali Salajeh, Assistant to the Iranian President and head of the Environmental Conservation Organization said, cooperation in a wide variety of fields will be our focus as we paddle our way towards reckoning what we can do to redirect these environmentally devastating storms.
Iran had begun their research on this topic and is ready to present the results of their analysis to Kuwait as a hand of purgation for better collaborative efforts between both countries, he added. (end) zak.nfg.aq