KHARTOUM, June 29 (KUNA) -- UK Special Envoy to Sudan and South Sudan Robert Fairweather said Wednesday there are "no simple solutions" for a country facing complex challenges like Sudan.
"But the cost of a political stalemate will soon be too high too bear," he told a presser at the end of his visit to Khartoum.
"The responsibility for ending the impasse and achieving an inclusive, credible political settlement for all the people of Sudan falls on the shoulders of Sudanese political actors, military and civilian.
"First and foremost, there must be a conducive environment for negotiations," Fairweather stressed.
"It is essential that peaceful demonstrators can express their opinion without fear of violence.
"Arbitrary arrests and excessive force demonstrate bad faith towards the negotiations," he argued.
Urging the Sudanese security forces "to protect the people of Sudan," the UK envoy said his country, "while encouraging the essential political settlement, will continue to provide critical humanitarian aid to those most affected by rising prices, conflict and food security." (end)