MADRID -- Turkiye withdraws its opposition to Finland and Sweden's NATO membership bids after a four-way meeting between the three countries' leaders and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Madrid, according to reports in Spain.

KUWAIT -- Kuwait's environment protection body and a local research centre sign a deal to activate an early warning system aiming to prevent clumps of dead fish washing ashore in territorial waters, often caused by a toxic algae bloom.

BAGHDAD -- Iraq declares recording the first cholera death in recent times, putting the count of the latest wave of the bacterial infection at 76 cases throughout the country.

BRUSSELS -- The European Union begins monkeypox vaccine deliveries to member states in a bid to ensure that all EU countries are ready to respond to the current outbreak.

WASHINGTON -- The US is working with other G7 countries to enforce a price limit on Russian oil, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen reveals. (end) sd