KUWAIT, June 28 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's environment protection body and a local research center signed a deal on Tuesday to activate an early warning system aiming to prevent clumps of dead fish washing ashore in territorial waters, often caused by a toxic algae bloom. The agreement between the Environment Public Authority (EPA) and Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) is a significant environment conservation initiative, according to EPA chief Sheikh Abdullah Al-Sabah, saying the deal mainly comprises an "early warning system" for any increases in algae populations on Kuwait waters.
The deal is the latest in a long list of joint endeavors linking the two Kuwaiti bodies, all of which aim to protect Kuwait's environment from any potential threats, said KISR acting director general Dr. Mane Al-Sdairawi, hailing the endeavor as a measure to preserve the country's marine ecosystem.
On the environmental factors largely responsible for fish kill, Dr. Qusai Kareem, the KISR architect behind the project, cited algae bloom and rising water temperatures as the primary causes, hoping the deal would go a long way in protecting marine life. (end) ss.nam