BERLIN, June 27 (KUNA) -- G7 leaders agreed Monday during summit held in southern Germany to push towards climate neutrality and ensuring energy resources.
The rotating leadership issued a statement revolving around deal closed on the summit's second day between members of the group that includes the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, and Britain as well as the European Union, Argentina, India, Senegal, Indonesia and South Africa.
The statement affirmed observing Paris climate agreement signed back in 2015, which underlines necessity of decreasing earth's temperature by two Degrees Celsius.
The signing countries are insistent on expanding use of renewable energy and shrinking dependency on coal.
The statement indicated that the countries would like to rely on what it described as "energy partnerships" to accomplish these goals, touching on partnership between Germany and South Africa that stipulate the African nation is granted money in exchange of using clean energy such as green hydrogen.
The seven countries are aiming for similar partnerships with India, Indonesia and Argentina, adding that G7 will be helping Argentina reach climate neutrality by 2050.
Discussions of the environment and energy security were handled on day two of the summit, which began yesterday and will concluded tomorrow. (pickup previous) anj.aai