KUWAIT, June 26 (KUNA) -- Director General of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Yousef Al-Fozan announced on Sunday that Kuwait would organize 21 expeditions for the annual hajj rituals, within six days, to transport up to 6,216 pilgrims to the holy sites in Saudi Arabia.
The pilgrims will travel for the annual rites aboard four flights, with one set on Thursday. The four involved airlines are Kuwait Airways, Al-Jazeera, the Saudi airways and NAS.
A plan had been worked out to organize smooth arrival of the pilgrims at King Abdul Aziz Airport in Jeddah, he said, adding that the KAC flights would be launched from T-4 air facility, Al-Jazeera's flights from T-5 while of the Saudi and NAS airways from the terminal number one. (end) aam.rk