MOSCOW, June 24 (KUNA) -- The Russian Federation asserted Friday that it has not and will not threaten to use nuclear weapons, and will not join the treaty banning nuclear weapons either.
"The nuclear approach of the Russian Federation lies exclusively in the logic of deterrence, including in connection with the current situation resulting from NATO's cause of conflict in Ukraine and the launch of a hybrid campaign against Russia," Russia Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The statement pointed out that NATO is teetering dangerously and on the brink of entering into a conflict with Russia.
In another statement, the Russian foreign Ministry warned that the aggressive behavior by the European Union (EU) would bring divisions and grave conflicts in Europe.
"The decision to grant Ukraine and Moldova candidate status in the EU means that Brussels is continuing with its geo-political expansion policy, using independent countries to become a deterrent against Russia," the statement added.
Russia also noted that a unified Europe vision with democracy being the valued core factor has been sacrificed for the benefit of political and economic gains on neighboring countries. (end) as.mb