BRUSSELS, June 23 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Thursday expressed its strong commitment to support and assist Yemen in humanitarian aid programmes to overcome the current humanitarian challenges facing the war-torn country.
This was expressed by Ghazi Al Mutawa, Acting Deputy Director of Operations for Arab Countries in Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, at the fourth Yemen Humanitarian Senior Officials meeting co-hosted by the European Union and Sweden in Brussels today.
"We always should be optimistic that sooner or later the Yemenis will have better and prosperous lives, and therefore we at the state of Kuwait and Kuwait Fund will continue to fulfill our commitments towards various projects," he told the meting which met at a time when the humanitarian situation in Yemen is worsening due to rising global prices of food and energy.
He said that Kuwait Fund recently signed five project-based agreements with various UN agencies, and will continue its support in different provinces and to reach all in need in Yemen.
Al Mutawa said that this fourth meeting "assures that the humanitarian issues in Yemen are always prioritized, but that also means that the need is still there to improve the quality of aid, whether itآ’s fighting cholera, reduction of famine, vaccinations, or education programs." He underlined that "consistent and ongoing support is a mandate we shall never leave out of option or consideration; it shall always be there, for there is a need among women and children." The Kuwaiti official concluded that "hope is our only choice here, let us all acknowledge our responsibilities towards our humanitarian values, and together we can make a difference." (end) nk