TOKYO, May 24 (KUNA) -- US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that the US policy toward Taiwan remains unchanged, a day after he caused a speculation that his country has abandoned its long-standing position of "strategic ambiguity" in the region.
Asked by a reporter at a photo session in Tokyo whether the policy of strategic ambiguity toward Taiwan was changed, Biden answered "No." Another reporter asked if Biden would send troops to Taiwan if China invaded, to which he responded, "The policy has not changed at all. I stated that when I made my statement yesterday." At a joint press conference in Tokyo on Monday, Biden was questioned whether Washington would get involved militarily if China attacks Taiwan. "Yes. That's the commitment we made" he replied, adding the idea that Taiwan can be taken by force is not appropriate. However, the White House later issued a statement saying the US' official position on Taiwan remains unchanged. (end) mk.rk