KUWAIT, May 24 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Assistant Foreign Minister for International Cooperation and Development Hamad Al-Mashaan affirmed on Tuesday Kuwait's firm and clear stand in supporting international peace against terrorist groups.
This came during Al-Mashaan's speech in the opening ceremony of the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Working Group Meeting hosted by Kuwait.
Al-Mashaan said that this meeting is important to achieve peace in conflict areas by blocking all sources of terrorist threats.
He added that it is essential to provide aid and support, psychologically and financially, for "those fighters who return from combat areas and find social solutions to help them blend in society." Kuwait puts in a lot of effort in cooperation with the international community to fight terrorism as part of its effective role as a member of the international alliance against the so called Islamic State (IS), he noted.
Al-Mashaan welcomed all participants in the meeting, and their strategies in finding ways to battle terrorist groups, and he expressed his high hopes in achieving positive results after this meeting as part of a series of meetings held in the past against IS.
Furthermore, this meeting discusses all main challenges for the upcoming period and the importance of coordination and information exchange between member countries in alliance against IS.
This Foreign Terrorist Fighters Working Group Meeting, which is headed by Kuwait, Turkey and Netherlands, is one of the groups emanating from the international coalition against IS, which includes 85 countries. (end) fn.ns.bb