BEIRUT, May 24 (KUNA) -- The Lebanese Army solid steadfastness "against the Israeli enemy" could not have been possible in absence of internal stability, communities' co-existence and public support for the armed forces, the Army Commander General Joseph Aoun said on Tuesday.
Marking "Resistance and Liberation Day" in Lebanon on May 25, Gen. Aoun shed light on the supportive efforts by the United Nations peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon to ensure implementation of the UNSC Resolution 1701.
Addressing the regular forces, the commander affirmed their crucial role in "asserting our right in facing the Israeli enemy and preventing it from attaining expansionist objectives in our lands and sea wealth." Lebanon celebrates Resistance and Liberation Day on May 25 each year after ending Israel's 22-year-long military occupation of the country's southern region in 2000.
The country has just emerged from crucial parliamentary elections, in which the army maintained security at ballot centers, other locations and regions. (end) aab.mah