1896 -- Sheikh Mubarak bin Sabah bin Jaber Al-Sabah, better known as Mubarak Al-Kabeer, became State of Kuwait's Seventh Amir.
1964 -- The first execution sentence carried out in Kuwait.
1975 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah signed a law acquiring private sector's shares in Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC).
1980 -- A decree was published regarding establishment of Faculty of Education at Kuwait University. Studies began in academic year 1981-82.
1995 -- A law was issued banning planting of tobacco or importation of tobacco seeds and plants but for scientific purposes. The law also bans selling of cigarettes to person under 21-years-old, as well as restricting smoking in public places.
1999 -- Direct Aid society was established. It was first established in 1981 under the name of African Muslims Society.
2000 -- A law published allowing non-Kuwaitis to own shares in Kuwaiti companies.
2000 -- Fuhaid Al-Daihani won the world's double-trap competition in Italy.
2002 -- World Health Organization's General Assembly elected Kuwait as member in WHO's Executive Council in recognition of the Gulf state's regional and international role.
2004 -- Oula fuel marketing companies was established. Oula builds or rented gas stations in State of Kuwait.
2006 -- Kuwait parliament members Ahmad Al-Saadoun, Ahmad Al-Mulaifi and Faisal Al-Meslem submitted an interpellation request against Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the first of a kind in Kuwait's political history. They wanted to question him about government approval to refer its own bill regarding dividing Kuwait into 10 electoral constituencies to the Constitutional Court. The referral triggered dissolution of the parliament.
2008 -- State of Kuwait held parliamentary elections, held in five constituencies for the first time.
2010 -- Jordanian King Abdullah ibn Al-Hussain decorated Kuwait Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Al-Hussain bin Ali Order, while Sheikh Sabah decorated King Abdullah II Mubarak Al-Kabeer Order.
2010 -- Qadsia SC won His Highness the Amir Football Cup for the 13th time in its history, beating Kuwait SC 4-1 in penalty shoot-out.
2011 -- Kuwait SC won His Highness the Crown Prince's football Cup after beating Khaitan SC 2-1.
2015 -- North Al-Zour power station produced the first megawatt, 18 months since establishment.
2020 -- Mohammad Al-Ibrahim, a cultural icon who contributed to establishment of Kuwait's first school, Mubarakiya, passed away at age of 84. (end) gta