LONDON, Jan 19 (KUNA) -- British Prime Minister Boris Jonson announced on Wednesday the lifting of all restrictions related to the spread of the Coronavirus by next week.
Wearing masks in open or closed places, obliging people to have a health passport to enter some crowded closed places such as football stadiums and night clubs will be ended by Thursday next week, Jonson said in today's session before the House of Commons.
The British government has decided to cancel all recommendations of working from home for all those who can work in their work places, in addition to cutting quarantine period to five days only for those who tested positive, Jonson explained.
He expressed his expectation of a complete lifting of mandatory quarantine by March 24, coinciding with the ending date of exceptional laws related to the (Corona) pandemic, which Parliament renews at the request of the government every six months.
He explained that when the pandemic subsides, the government will issue instructions to people without implementing them through laws, the same case as if a person with influenza is not required to adhere to the home quarantine.
With three vaccination campaign nationwide, Jonson considered that Britain now is capable of facing the new (Omicron) virus with more effectiveness and less causalities, stressing that his government will develop a long-term plan to co-exist with (Corona), without any further closure or restriction. (end) mrn.nhq