Report by Mohammad Al-Jaabiri

KUWAIT, Jan 15 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has proceeded with its worldwide humanitarian action in line with its steady policy to relieve people in need wherever possible.
Last week, volunteers focused efforts on aiding people suffering from harsh winter weather, adding to their hardship of coping with the coronavirus.
Al-Rahma International Charity, in line with the seven-year-old "Kuwait on Your Side Humanitarian Campaign," delivered food and secured dwelling, last week, for more than 20,000 persons in the beleaguered Yemeni province of Maarib.
Raed Ibrahim, the head of Al-Tawasol charity, said the Kuwaiti aid included distribution of 1,130 food parcels. Moreover, 115 tents were erected and 2,000 prepared meals were distributed to people in need there.
In Kuwait, Al-Salam Society for Humanitarian and Charitable Action dispatched truckloads of relief supplies, including food, clothes, blankets, wood, coal and heaters, to Syrian and Yemeni who have been relocated or lost their houses due to the internal wars, said the association director general Dhari Al-Buaijan in a press statement.
In Amman, the executive chairperson of Namaa society Saad Al-Otaibi indicated in a statement that the association has been sponsoring orphans and securing dwelling for them.
Marking the 56th anniversary of establishing the Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS), the chairman Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer affirmed its unwavering policy to pursue relieving people in need in line with the State of Kuwait steady humanitarian policy.
The KCS aid has reached more than 104 countries ad organizations throughout the world, he said, noting that the assistance has targeted people suffering from natural catastrophes and armed struggles.
Internally, the Red Crescent Society aids 5,000 families in addition to offering help to inmates at the central prison. (end) mmj.kna.rk