By Abdullah Al-Khatib

KUWAIT, Sept 26 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (KDIPA) carried out huge steps to attract big technology companies, allowing 42 of them to open offices in the Arab Gulf state including General Electric and Huawei.
Technology is a main part of 2035 New Kuwait vision and KDIPA worked on achieving maximum benefits from potential of the Kuwaiti people by using expertise of major companies around the world.
Using expertise offered by foreign companies will be an added value for the national economy and thus diversify resources and provide jobs for citizens.
KDIPA, the government's arm responsible for promotion for foreign companies, offered a bundle of incentives like waiving of taxes and giving those firms a priority in government's bids.
KIDPA succeeded in attracting more than 42 foreign companies and 11 representative offices were opened in Kuwait. In return, the companies will be offering training opportunities for Kuwaiti citizens regarding use of modern technology and techniques, which would be used in their projects.
Huawei Technologies-Kuwait, according to a KDIPA report for fiscal year 2019-20, executed a number of projects with local partners to complete the G5 networks, as well as providing training programs for 51 Kuwaitis who were certified in Information Technology and G5 Application.
General Electric (GE) joined hands with the Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) to provide solutions for the comprehensive electronic upgrade of the West Sabbiya power station, the largest in Kuwait.
GE provided research opportunities for around 1,143 Kuwaitis over remote control systems, turbines, repair of generators, gas turbines technologies, mechanical systems and project management.
EZ energy services, which is responsible for operation and maintenance of Shamal Al-Zour power station, provided training in security and safety for MEW's engineers, a KDIPA report said.
Honeywell Kuwait for technical and computer services trained six Kuwaitis on the Process Knowledge System (BKS), an advanced tool for management of operations and assets which help industrial companies boost their profits and producivity.
KDIPA approved foreign direct investment with a percentage of 99.6 in services, information systems 37.3 percent, oil and gas with 24.5 percent, and training, health, investment, energy and water with 20.4 percent. (end)