TUNISIA, May 9 ( KUNA) -- Tunisia , the Arabic member in the United Nations Security Council, filed a request Saturday to hold a session to discuss the latest Israeli actions in Palestine.
In a statement, the Tunisian Foreign Ministry said that the request was submitted in coordination with the Palestinian side and the support of China, the current President of the UNSC, Norway, Ireland, Vietnam, saint vincent and the grenadines, and Niger.
The statement noted that this session will discuss the dangerous and aggressive escalations and actions of the occupation forces in Palestinian Territories specially in Jerusalem and Alaqsa Mosque.
It will also discuss the Israeli policies of expansive policies and settlement plans, demolition and dispossession of homes, displacement of Palestinian families and demolition of the historical and cultural identity of the holy city.
The request was filed according to directions from the Tunisia President Qais Saeed , the statement added, stressing that Tunisia will always be a good supporter to the Palestinian case and the Palestinian people in their struggle to restore their legitimacy and establish their independent state.
The initiative came to face the refused actions by the occupation forces that represents a clear violation to the International law and peace.
It falls within the framework of Tunisian's keenness to renew its calls to the international community to face the ongoing aggression on the Palestinian people.(end) ksj.nhq