KUWAIT, Dec 30 (KUNA) -- While the coronavirus (COVID-19) killed and infected millions of people around the world, manmade catastrophes continued to occur in 2020.
Those are the major manmade catastrophes of this year:

Jan 2: A military helicopter crash-landed on a Taiwanese island killing eight people including senior military officers.
Jan 3: A rubber dinghy boarding immigration seekers sank off Mugla, Southwest Turkey. Eight of the people, including three women, on board drowned to death.
Jan 7: A Pakistani Air force plane, during a training mission, crashed killing the pilot and co-pilot.
Jan 8: A Ukrainian passenger plane crashed south of the Iranian capital killing 176 passengers.
Jan 11: A rubber dinghy boarding immigration seekers sank off Izmir, Turkey. Eleven of those on board perished in the accident.
Jan 15: A powerful blast a petrochemical plant in Catalonia, Spain, killed two people and injured eight others.
Jan 23: A plane participating in efforts to extinguish wild fires southwest of Sydney, Australia, crashed killing three persons.
Jan 24: A huge blast ripped through a plant for manufacturing machines Northwest of Houston, Texas, US, resulting in death a couple of people.
Feb 6: A passenger plane of the Turkish airlines, Pegasus, made violent landing at Sabiha Cogcen Airport, Istanbul, killing three people and injuring 179 others.
Feb 14: The Russian Tass news agency reported that two people died when a helicopter made an emergency landing in Yamulanitski, Siberia.
Feb 28: Twenty people died and more than 60 others were wounded when a passenger train crashed into a bus in Sindh, South Pakistan.
March 5: Fourteen people perished and 32 others were wounded when a residential building collapsed in Karachi, in Sindh South Pakistan.
March 11: Pakistani Army declared that an F-16 fighter jet crashed during a training mission over the capital Islamabad, killing the pilot.
March 23: Seven people perished and nine others were injured in flash floods that swept a number of Iranian cities.
April 22: A pilot and his assistant died when an internal security forces' plane crashed in northern Iran.
June 15: British authorities announced the death of air force pilot who was killed in an F-15C fighter jet crash in the North Sea off the coast of England.
June 30: Eighteen people died in a gas explosion at a medical center in the northern Iranian capital Tehran.
July 3: Twenty people killed in a train collision with a bus carrying a group of Sikh pilgrims in Punjab province eastern Pakistan.
July 3: Four people killed and 97 others wounded in an explosion at a Turkish firework factory in Sakarya state, western the country.
July 9: Three Turkish soldiers killed, six others wounded in an explosion of remnants of fireworks in Sakarya province, western the country.
Aug 7: Sixteen passengers died in a plane crash during landing at Calicut airport in Kerala state, southern India.
Sept 25: Eighteen people died in an Ukrainian military transport plane crash during a flight in the Kharkiv region.
Oct 10: Cargo train collision in Ankara, Turkey, led to the death of two individuals and the injury of others.
Nov 27: Iranian Defense Ministry announced the death of nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in a "terror" attack.
Dec 20: Eleven people died in a hospital ICU blaze in southeastern Turkey. (end) sr.eng