KUWAIT, June 26 (KUNA) -- The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) infected 915 people in Kuwait during past 24 hours, official spokesperson of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health declared on Friday.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad, speaking during his daily update about the pandemic status locally, said total number of infection cases with the contagion climbed to 43,703.
Moroever, the virus claimed life of two persons, during the same period of time, raising tally of deaths from the fatal pathogen to 341.
The confirmed cases included patients who had contracted the virus due to mingling with infected persons and others remained under examination to determine source of the contamination.
The latest infections include 492 Kuwaiti citizens and 423 non Kuwaiti residents of the country, he said.

 Dr. Al-Sanad said the cases were recorded in the districts as following: 250 in Al-Farwania, 222 in Al-Jahraa, 219 in Al-Ahmadi, 137 in Hawally and 87 in Al-Assima (the capital).
Number of cases undergoing treatment at intensive care units reached 162, with the total count of cases that continued to get medical care amounted to 9,393.
Up to 31 patients were discharged from quarantines however they would sequester themselves at their houses for 14 days.
Dr. Al-Sanad revealed that 3,774 swab tests for the virus have been conducted during past 24 hours, thus the tally of these examination has exceeded 372,284 since breakout of the contagion in the country, months ago.
He appealed, anew, upon citizens and expatriates to continue taking necessary precautions against the infectious disease, be keen on maintaining social distancing and examining online accounts of relevant authorities to remain acquainted with latest directions in this respect.
The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced, earlier today, that 602 persons recovered from the infection with the coronavirus in past 24 hours, with the overall count of the recuperated amounting to 33,969. (end) mak.rk