KUWAIT, March 29 (KUNA) -- United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan Sunday reported new coronavirus deaths, and the two countries in addition to Bahrain, Qatar and Morocco also registered new infections with the COVID-19.
UAE's Ministry of Health announced the third fatality as a result of coronavirus infection, and that 102 persons tested positive while three individuals recovered from the disease.
A 47-year-old Arab woman, suffering from chronic diseases, passed away after suffering from complications, the ministry said in a statement.
It added new cases were of people who came into close contacts with previously-infected persons. They were infected because they failed to implement preventive measures and abide by social distancing rules.
Jordan also announced the second coronavirus death and number of infections rose to 259 following registration of 13 cases.
Jordanian Minister of health Saad Jaber said the second death was of a 77-year-old man.
The Jordanian government decided to extend public and private sectors' holiday until mid-April. The health, energy and banking sectors are excluded.
Qatar also registered 44 new cases to increase total infections to 634.
Ministry of health said the new cases were either returning from abroad or came into close contact with already-infected persons.
The new cases were placed under quarantine.
Bahrain, meanwhile, said 23 people tested positive for COVID-19 while seven persons recovered.
The ministry of health said total infections reached 223, one in the intensive care unit. Up to 272 people recovered.
Morocco also announced an increase of coronavirus cases to 463 after the tests of 104 persons were positive. (pickup previous) kt.bs