KUWAIT, March 1 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Ministry of Health announced Sunday that it will examine all passengers arriving from Egypt and Syria for new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections at their home countries and in Kuwait.
Undersecretary of the ministry Dr. Mustafa Reda told KUNA that passengers will subject to medical checkup and their body temperatures will be measured before boarding their Kuwait-bound planes and upon their arrival.
Those with high body temperature will not be allowed to board the plane until they undertake a PCR test and get a negative result on the same day of the travel and their temperatures back to normal level, he clarified.
He added that passengers who do not suffer from fever will have to fill a medical form and their body temperature will be gauged on the plane gate upon arriving at the Kuwait International Airport.
If their temperatures are normal, they will proceed with normal procedures and will be provided with all relevant instructions and the ministry will follow up their health for 14 days, he stated.
Passengers who show high body temperatures will be taken to a quarantine center to take a sample and conduct the coronavirus test, if the result was negative will be quarantined at home for 14 days, he said.
If they tested positive, they will be moved to the hospital allocated for treating coronavirus cases and sign a health undertaking to commit oneself to the health ministry instructions. (end) mak.msa.ibi