By Sherouq Sadeqi WASHINGTON, Oct 20 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti student at George Washington University (GWU) Mohammad Al-Terki was selected on the College Squash Association (CSA) Player Advisory Committee, being the first Arab and first Kuwaiti to be chosen for this position.
Junior student Al-Terki told KUNA in an interview Saturday evening that they are seven players from different universities in the US, including Harvard and Princeton, where they will be serving "as ambassadors to college squash and will be the voice of college squash players." "With that, I am not only the first Arab and Kuwaiti to be part of this committee and serve on the Advisory Board, but I am also the only international player within the seven players chosen to be on the board," he said.
He added "therefore, I will not only be the voice of Arab players, but the voice of all international students playing squash in college (All NCAA divisions)." Al-Terki, who is ranked as one of the top ten squash players ranked in the country, affirmed that he was not selected only due to his rank "but also because of other aspects outside the squash court, such as my ability to communicate with other teammates and players from other teams and the attitude I had on and off the court." He noted, "Several other factors were put into this decision and I am very proud to be chosen on this board as the first ever Kuwaiti and Arab." "My goal through this position is to help enhance the experience of every college squash as much as possible with the help of other Committee members." Among their mission on the Advisory Committee is to "communicate their thoughts and concerns when they feel compelled to do so." They are also asked to "interact with their peers on their team and on opposing teams and take note on important topics of interest." On this occasion, Al-Terki dedicated this accomplishment "to my country Kuwait for always being supportive and giving me the recognition I deserve whenever I break a new record and achieve a new accomplishment" "This gives me constant motivation to always keep pushing to break more records and give the best I can to raise my country's name and I am proud to do that," he remarked.
He noted that "the support of my country Kuwait for its youth and athletes in general have truly accelerated my potential into always striving to be best." He also thanked his family for believing in him and investing in his squash playing talent since a very young age.
Al-Terki was named by GWU in May as Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the squash team in the 2018-2019 season, making him also the first Kuwaiti to receive such honor and is ranked number one player at his university. (end) si.gta