NEW YORK, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- Kuwait has affirmed importance of continuous international calls upon Belgrade and Pristina to overcome their disputes and reach an agreement for sake of regional peace.
This came during a speech by the Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the United Nations, Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, before the Security Council session on Kosovo, held late on Tuesday.
In his speech, Ambassador Al-Otaibi said Kuwait realizes the right of each state to form its national institutions in accordance with its constitution and national legislation, referring to what he described "the sensitive step" taken by the Parliament in Kosovo on Serbia.
On Sunday, Kosovo announced the transformation of its existing 4,000-strong security force into a regular army. The step provoked Serbian government, which threatened "an armed intervention." Al-Otaibi explained that the State of Kuwait is aware of how Serbia is concerned over the latest decisions taken by the Parliament in Kosovo, expressing hope that these decisions will not have a negative impact on the bilateral relations between the two countries and the peace process in the region.
He clarified that Kosovo's decision does not contradict with the UN resolution 1244, expressing his thanks to the President of the Republic of Kosovo for his assurances that this step would not pose a threat to minorities in Kosovo and the neighboring countries.
He called on two sides to exercise restraint, calm and address issues of concern through dialogue, and demonstrate the necessary political will to ensure full normalization of relations between the two sides.
Al-Otaibi said Kuwait fully supports European Union's efforts to settle outstanding issues between Belgrade and Pristina.
He renewed full support for Zahir Tanin, the Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Head of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, praising the UN vital role in helping the country.(end) asf.nhq