RAMALLAH, July 29 (KUNA) -- Palestinian teenage activist Ahed Tamimi, who was released from an Israeli jail Sunday, said she joined hands with Palestinian female prisoners in resisting the occupation, and succeeded in completing the high school exam while in detention.
"I was afraid I would miss the school year, so I managed with a group of prisoners to study ... We challenged the occupation which tried to ban us from study," Tamimi, 17, told a news conference along her mother, who was also in detention, in Nabi Saleh town.
She added she would study law and would specialize in human rights to defend the Palestinian cause and prisoners in international conferences.
Tamimi, who spent eight months behind bars, said prison taught her to love life as she was missing her room, her friends and books.
Female prisoners, she added, wanted to see national unity and cement of their steadfastness and struggle towards liberation.
Israeli occupation forces were holding 63 female Palestinians behind bars, including teenagers, injured and mothers.
Tamimi was received with a huge crowd following her release. She said following her arrival at Nabi Saleh town that the Palestinian resistance would continue until the end of the Israeli occupation.
Ahed and her mother were arrested after a video went viral of her slapping ahd shoving an Israeli soldier who was trying to storm their house.
The Israeli prosecution accused her of attacking two Israeli soldiers, tossing stones at them and provocation. (pickup previous) nq.bs