KUWAIT, Feb 20 (KUNA) -- The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) announced on Tuesday issuing its commemorative coin marking its golden jubilee.
CBK Governor Mohammad Al-Hashel said in a statement that the bank minted the symbolic coin on its 50th anniversary, anniversary for issuing Law 32/1968 and regulations' issuance regulating banking on June 30, 1968.
The law and its amendment constitute basic legislative framework for modern Kuwaiti monetary and banking sectors, Al-Hashel said, also noting that the CBK had taken over jurisdictions from the former Kuwaiti Monetary Council in 1960.
The Kuwaiti dinar was issued in 1961 as a national currency depicting the State of Kuwait sovereignty.
He lauded the CBK for safeguarding the Kuwaiti dinar as one of the authentic globally traded currencies.
One side of the coin is decorated with the national emblem, along with another slogan marking the occasion. The other side bears the CBK logo. (end) fnk.rk