By Alaa Al-Huwaijel

BAGHDAD, Feb 4 (KUNA) -- Humanitarian aid provided by the State of Kuwait for Iraq has exceeded total assistance by all Ar1ab countries, said the Iraqi Cabinet General Secretary.
In a statement to KUNA, Mehdi Al-Allaq expressed deep appreciation for the generous Kuwaiti aid which is larger than the overall assistance given by all of the Arab states, singling out makeshift schools erected in areas that have been liberated from the so-called Islamic State.
"We look forward to building more of such schools in the near future and this form of support is necessary for restoring stability to the liberated regions," he said, also underscoring a recent Kuwaiti grant to support health services in the freed provinces.
"All this shows that Iraq and Kuwait have folded chapter of the past, era of the former dictatorship regime," said Al-Allaq, alluding to Saddam Hussein's defunct regime troops of which invaded Kuwait in 1990, sending level of bilateral relations to the ebb.
The State of Kuwait, in 2015, earmarked USD 200 million for humanitarian efforts in Iraq, in addition to USD 100 million recently allotted for supporting the health sector.
Moreover, Kuwait has been sending in various types of relief supplies to relocated Iraqis. (end) ah.rk