By Ayoub Khaddaj

BEIRUT, Jan 11 (KUNA) -- Lebanese Information Minister Melhem Riachy on Thursday called for "real dialogue" between Arab and foreign nations, noting Christians in the region could portray correct image about Muslims.
Deterioration of conditions of the Arab media reflects other problems in the Arab world, the minister indicated in a statement to KUNA on the sidelines of a conference themed status of the Arab media.
The minister called for dialogue between the Arab and foreign nations to face misguidance, noting that Christians in the Arab world could play a role in tackling misconceptions about Muslims in the region.
"We, the oriental Christians, live with the Muslims; we know each other quite well; therefore we should seek to portray the true image about the Muslims via the media," he said.
"We need to hold a real dialogue with the west and among ourselves on humanitarian issues and other various affairs such as looting the region's wealth and the media misguidance," he said, also noting that such a dialogue is also necessary to resolve the crisis of the holy city Jerusalem. (end) ayb.rk