LONDON, Dec 12 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti inventor Dr. Ahmad Nabeel expressed his happiness to represent the State of Kuwait in the International Innovation Summit in London with a number of inventors and specialists in the health sector from around the world.
Ahmad said, in a statement, to KUNA and to state television, that it is a great honor for him to stand before an elite of scientists to explain his medical invention, which is a "self-cleaning autopsy with a virtual indicator." He added that his invention, which was documented under his name, will provide surgeons a lot of time and will also facilitate their work process and improve their vision because it is advantageous from other perspectives to clean the lens automatically.
Former British Health Minister, Lord Darzi, praised participation of Ahmad, despite his young age, describing his invention as one of the most important inventions not only in Kuwait and the GCC countries but also in the world, which would facilitate for surgeons work needed during operations. (end) kd.kns.nhq