LONDON, Oct 31 (KUNA) -- The British government on Tuesday announced that the next Brexit talks would be held in Brussels Thursday and Friday.
Brexit Secretary David Davis said, in the House of Lords, that he would try to intensify talks with European negotiators to hopefully make significant progress before the end of this year.
Despite differences between the two sides on some issues, Britain would achieve the aspired results and the official withdrawal from the EU by the end of 2019, he said.
He underlined the importance of reaching a final agreement which would include free commercial measures like the ones currently applied.
In reply to a question on the sum Britain should pay before the withdrawal, he said the EU wants a sum of 60 billion euros (about USD 70 billion) and this is an illegal demand.
Davis said the British government considered any financial demands are merely "political decisions," admitted by the other side.
He said that agreements on rights of the European citizens, borders with Ireland and the financial demands would be in the interest of the EU rather than Britain.
Concerning the future of economic relations, he noted that the two sides would benefit from the positive aspects of the agreement on free trade. (end)