By Shaima Al-Rouwaished

KUWAIT, Sept 7 ( KUNA) -- Mirqab, an area in old Kuwait City, was considered as one of the most important locations in the country due to its strategic position which enabled dwellers to spot any incoming threats.
It was a large area located in southern Kuwait City above sea level between Al-Safat Square and Naif Palace and it was named (Mirqab) after the famous Arab word (Marqab) which means the high hill or land, said history researcher Abdullah Bin Nasser.
The area was useful to monitor incoming convoys entering the old city and it was also surrounded by walls and fences which fended off invaders, Bin Nasser added.
Due to its fortified status, residents were able to build their city and settle down by constructing homes, streets, mosques, schools, and diwans, said the researcher.
Mirgab is one of four main areas in old Kuwait City and was established after Sharqa, Jebla, and Al-Wasat areas. It was later divided into several small areas named mostly after people who lived in it. (end) shr.nhq