WASHINGTON, July 10 (KUNA) -- The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Monday called on the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to reconsider its decision and lift ban imposed Kuwait Airways' direct flights to America.
The directorate urged the US officials to take into consideration security measures taken for this purpose.
This came in a meeting between a Kuwaiti delegation from DGCA headed by Emad Al-Jluwi and TSA's officials, in the presence of some staff of Kuwait Embassy in Washington, said Al-Jluwi.
During the meeting, the US officials were appraised of measures taken on international standards pertaining to security of civil aviation at the Kuwait International Airport, he said.
The Kuwaiti delegation also asked TSA to coordinate and cooperate with DGCA on enhancing the implementation of security systems at the airport and the new terminals, he noted.
The delegation expressed the directorate's desire to accelerate the start of cooperation in various fields, including training and security systems, and the start of implementing procedures of the US Border Clearance at the support terminal.
The US officials voiced their appreciation to keenness of Kuwait on boosting constructive cooperation on the implementation of standards of civil aviation security.
The delegation invited the US officials to visit the Kuwait International Airport in mid-August to be appraised of measures so as to lift ban on the direct flights, he concluded. (end) shs.hm