KUWAIT, May 6 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti participant sportsperson in Singapore Spartan Race (2017), Yousef Al-Shatti, secured on Saturday the first place at the 8km Spartan Sprint Race and came 19th at the 13km Spartan Super Race.
In a phone call to KUNA, Al-Shatti said this accomplishment is added to the record of Kuwaiti athletes, who are always willing and eager to raise Kuwait's name in any event they participate in.
Al-Shatti added this single player game relies on endurance, stamina and strength, and the competition is very high in the Spartan Race, which is very popular in Eastern Asia and Europe, asking the sports officials in Kuwait to give this game more attention.
Al-Shatti expressed his happiness for being the first Arab who achieves this triumph, and he has promised to achieve more. (end) nme.mys