KUWAIT, April 9 (KUNA)-- The National Assembly will discuss in its ordinary session on Tuesday report of the parliamentary legislative and legal affairs committee on the amendments to the administrative disputes over nationality issues.
آ آ آ The agenda of the meeting includes discussion of the reports of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs on fees and financial costs for utilities and public services and the second on the revision of gasoline prices.
آ آ آ The agenda also includes discussion of a bill on calling off interest on loans provided by the General Organization for Social Insurance and a proposal to add an article to the Amiri Decree issuing the Social Insurance Law.
آ آ آ The parliament is also scheduled to consider a request for discussion by some members on the speedy implementation of the Domestic Employment Act No. 68 of 2015 and the effective working hours of this Act.
آ آ آ The agenda also includes a parliamentary request to discuss and clarify the official procedures of the Kuwaiti government regarding the Khor Abdullah file and its policy in this regard.(end).